Elementary Info


These links are great starting points for preschool and kinder.  The kids will love doing the activities here.  I will be updating this page periodically.

Ednet Covers letter recognition, counting, shapes, counting, and writing

Jacob's - I like how this site explains exactly what your child will learn.

Kindersite - So many choices.  Each button takes you to a different web site.  They indicate recommended age for each site. Covers language arts, math, science, art and music.

Manipulatives - Fun activities using online manipulatives to supplement what they are learning in Math. This site was created by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Apples4theteacher - There is so much material on this website! A great resource for parents/teachers.

Lessonpathways - This is a complete online curriculum for K-5th grade.  It has 36 weeks of lessons for every grade level, but what makes it great is that you can customize it!  And it is FREE.

Language Arts:

Storybee -Kids can listen to hundreds of stories here.  The stories are performed by various well known storytellers.

Storynory - More audio stories

handwriting- this site will create handwriting worksheets for you in the style you prefer.  You can enter your own words or letter.

PBS  - Based on the PBS show "Between The Lions".  Lots of activities, but your child will need help with choosing which activity to do that day. 

Starfall - This is a phonics based teaching web site.  They sell a complete curriculum for around $300, but their web site is free to use.


First school - numbers themed unit lesson plans complete with crafts, printables, recommended reading, and instructions.

Abacus - a virtual abacus. You enter the numbers to add or subtract and see what happens



aMlab - you can press the squares and create synthesized music.

NY philharmonic - Their web site for kids is awesome.  A place to learn about composers, music, and instruments.  Their game room allows your young musician to compose in an easy way.


artpad - an easier paint program. You can email your work from site.

color.com -an online coloring book.  You choose the images, and the child fills in the colors. 



Teachers Domain - has teaching resources for art, language arts, math, science, and social studies.  The resources include lesson plans, videos, and interactives. You need to register to see full collection.  It will ask you for a school name.  Just add your school name to the list.

Language Arts

Passkey lessons - Glencoe publishers provide these free interactive LA lessons

English worksheets - covers K through fifth worksheets

grammar games - interactive grammar games.  This site has more links



finger math - instructions on how to teach it.  click on the color levels to learn how to use fingers for adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing

IXL Math - kids can take online test on a particular skill. Skills grouped by grade level. You are limited to 2 free tests per day. Paying members have unlimited access.  If you want to purchase membership, Use homeschoolbuyersco-op because you will get a discounted rate.

teaching videos - hundreds of instructional videos on math, science, social studies.  And it's all free.

online lessons - teaches math concepts. Skills grouped by grade up to 8th grade.

Social Studies

100 virtual tours - take them to see places around the world.