The following is a sample of the type of letter you might send to your school principal if you are removing your child from school after they have been in the classroom part of the year.  Please note (from the content of the letter) that this type of notification is to be made only after you have submitted form PI-1206 online and have received confirmation.  You may also wish to informally notify the school of your plans to homeschool, but you may not actually remove the child from school (unless you are prepared to deal with possible truancy charges) until the form has been received with confirmation by the DPI.  The information you need to file form PI-1206 is listed on this web site under the "Getting Started" page.



March 22, 2011



Something Elementary School

ATTN: Principal

123 School Street

Your Town, WI 55555


Re: My Child's Name---4th Grade---Mrs. Ima Teacher


Dear Mr. Principal:


We have decided to homeschool our child.  Under Wisconsin Statute 118.15(4), we have the right to select a home-based private educational program for our child.  According to this statute, our child is considered enrolled in home-schooling after the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction receives my completed PI-1206 form.  Included is my confirmation from the DPI that they have received my form.  Under this provision we can now remove our child from public school without him/her being considered truant.


March 26, 2011 will be his/her last day to attend Something Elementary School.





Mr. and Mrs. Homeschool Parent