LMHSC Early Re-Enrollment begins May 21.  Re-enrolling families are those families who have been enrolled in LMHSC at least one year since 2010 AND are current on all accounts.  If you re-enroll before June 1st, your discounted fee will be $15. After June 1, the fee goes to $25.  This is for re-enrollments only.

New family enrollments (brand new families or families who have not participated since Winter 2010)  will be accepted online beginning May 16. Note: New families will not be able to register for classes at any of the co-ops until payment and background check is received and approved, which may take up to 2 weeks.

Muskegon Co-op class listings will be available for viewing beginning on April 28.  Class registration will begin on May 21.

North Co-op class listings and registration will take place later in the summer.  Stay tuned!



Welcome to LMHSC!  

Come join us as we celebrate our 15th anniversary!

Established in 1999, Lake Michigan Home School Connection, Inc., is a non-profit home school organization. We currently have two co-ops, based in Muskegon and Montague, serving families all along West Michigan’s lakeshore.  We are a distinctly Christian organization, but have an open membership to anyone who will respect that distinction.

In order to participate in one of our co-ops, you must be a member of Lake Michigan Home School Connection (LMHSC).   A nominal annual Enrollment Fee is required to be paid by each family wishing to enroll in LMHSC and participate in any of its sponsored activities. The purpose of this Enrollment Fee is to offset a portion of the overhead and administrative costs of LMHSC. Enrollment in LMHSC runs from June 1 to May 31 each year. The enrollment fee for new families is $50, which covers background checks and insurance, which all of our members and volunteers undergo.  Moderate session (class) fees are set by the local co-ops, and are in addition to the enrollment fee.  

Muskegon Co-op meets in the Norton Shores area of Muskegon on Friday mornings.  MCO offers a weekly co-op of classes for K-12th grade, along with preschool and childcare for younger siblings. Classes run for 10 weeks in each session, with two sessions each year: Fall and Winter. Our classes range from academic to extracurricular, with everything in between.  We offer play dates, parties, Mom's Night Out, Wisdom Swaps, field trips, and more for our members. Currently, we are serving 50 families along the lakeshore and surrounding areas.

North Co-op currently meets in Montague. A more intimate group, we serve approximately 10 families around the White Lake area, with room to grow.  We offer combined classes for all age groups, as well as field trips around the area.   We offer two 10-12 week sessions each year:  Fall and Winter.

If you are interested in enrolling in LMHSC, please click on the "Request Membership" link at the top of the page and follow the instructions.  

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