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Welcome to Immanuel Homeschool Co-op's Webpage!

Immanuel Homeschool co-op is CLOSED for the 2014-2015 school year.  Anyone interested in attending classes in 2015-2016 should check back in JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2015 when we begin accepting membership requests for the coming year.

2015 Immanuel Homeschool Co-op GRADUATION
All 12th grade (senior) IHG students (past or present) who wish to participate in our 2015 graduation ceremony and senior class activities should register (request membership) on our website ASAP.  

If your family is currently a member of IHG, just be sure you are added to your family profile and you have checked "YES" for 2015 graduating senior.  If your family is not currently enrolled, click the REQUEST MEMBERSHIP button and fill out the online membership request.


 Get on the 2015 grads list soon so you don't miss any communications!

HELP US GET THE WORD OUT!  If you know a former IHG student who would like to join us for the 2015 graduation ceremony, tell them to visit the website asap and request membership.  We will post updated info here and send emails with announcements.

For further information on IHG, contact us at