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Upcoming Events

Academy of Arts Parent Meeting and Read Through
February 22 - Monday
02:00 PM - 04:00 PM

Academy of Arts Drama Camp
February 29 - Monday
08:45 AM - 03:30 PM

Academy of Arts Drama Camp
March 1 - Tuesday

Academy of Arts Drama Camp
March 2 - Wednesday

Academy of Arts Drama Camp
March 3 - Thursday


Dailey Bread Book Nook

& Homeschool Value Store


Pam Dailey, Owner

     I Stand with the IAHE

Thank you to all who organized and participated in the SWIHE Homeschool Information Day & Used Curriculum Sale!


SWIHE now has a Facebook Page!


SWIHE seeks to confirm its original intent to represent home education from a distinctly Christian perspective. SWIHE acknowledges that many homeschooling families are not Christians, but agrees that all homeschoolers share a common bond in the education of our children in our homes. Because SWIHE believes that the Lordship of Jesus Christ affects all areas of our lives - including the education of our children - all SWIHE events and functions are to be built on the foundation of Jesus Christ and the Word of God as found in the Holy Bible. This in no way excludes any families from attending SWIHE events, nor discourages them from organizing events, groups, and other functions outside the oversight of SWIHE. SWIHE seeks to be a Godly encouragement to all homeschoolers living in southwestern Indiana and its tri-state area hereinafter referred to as Southwestern Indiana.