Social Studies Classes

American Government/Civics (High School Level - Fall Semester 2014)


Students will be introduced to the foundational principles of government, the branches of government, the concept of democracy and active, responsible citizenship.  Material to be discussed includes a biblical perspective of government, the components of the Constitution and its history, the Amendments, political parties, elections and more.  The students will also explore the United Nations organization, U.S. foreign policy, and the impact of globalization on our nation.  Students will participate in a mock trial and mock Congress.  This course will conclude with a study of state and local governments.

Tutor:  Robin Fraser

Tuition: $175

Grade Level:  8th – 12th

Class Length: One Semester

Class Size:  minimum of 5 students with a maximum of 20 students

Text: TBD

Materials:  3-ring binder with dividers and loose-leaf paper

Prerequisite:  Desire to learn and analyze readings

Homework:  Students will be expected to spend approximately 2-3 hours per week on homework

Light Bearer’s Worldview


Students will learn how “ideas have consequences”. What one thinks and the ideas one believes determines how he or she views the world and lives one’s life. This course will guide students in their exploration of the foundations of the Christian worldview while comparing these to the foundations of other, competing worldviews. Students will learn how to apply their Christian faith to every area of life: theology, philosophy, ethics, biology, sociology, psychology, law, economics, and history.

Summit Ministries; “Light Bearers” curriculum will provide the core guidance through topics such as apologetics, cults, evolution, naturalism,
moral relativism, relationships, and socialism.

Tutor: Jeff Herringshaw

Class Length: Full Year

Grade Level: 8th – 12th grade

Class Tuition: $175 per semester

Class Size: 5 to 20 students


Prerequisite: Curiosity, a desire to think and ask questions.

Homework: Weekly writing and workbook assignments

Economics: (Spring Semester 2015)


Economics is all around us - Where does money come from?  Why does the iPhone cost so much?  Should I work for someone else or start a small business?  Students will be exposed to what economics is and how it applies to their lives on a daily basis.  Students will demonstrate an understanding of basic micro and macro economic concepts:  defining economics, free enterprise, supply and demand, market-clearing price, consumer/savers/investors, money and financial institutions in the United States and more.  This is a high school level course that will offer students the opportunity to learn about the economic system in America.

Textbook and Student Study Guide is provided by instructor and included in tuition

Tutor:  Robin Fraser

Class Length:  Spring Semester 2015 only

Grade Level:  8th - 12th

Tuition:  $175 per semester

Class Size:  Minimum of 5; Maximum of 20

Textbook Requirements:  Textbook and Student Study Guide is provided by instructor and included in tuition

Prerequisite:  None

Homework:  Students will be expected to spend 2-3 hours per week on homework

Middle School Civics


Uncle Sam and You/Middle School Civics Class Description Who decides who gets to run for president? What do they do with money that gets too old? How are new laws created and passed? In what way can we all have an impact on our community? This is an excellent course for middle schoolers to answer these questions and more. It’s an introduction to Civics and an engaging way to learn about how and why our country functions.

In class we will review each unit’s material and vocabulary using games like Jeopardy and Family Feud.

Come ready to win for your team! Other class activities will include making posters and bumper stickers for our own campaigns, celebrating various American holidays, planning a trip to explore MN by focusing on the resources that our taxes pay for, and participating in ways to honor those who serve our country.

A variety of free field trips are planned throughout the year.

This class is excellent preparation for the high school level American Government/Civics course at WEST.

Tutor:  Julie Worthington

Tuition: $175

Grade Level:  6th-8th

Class Length: Full Year

Class Size:  minimum of 5 students with a maximum of 20 students

Text: Notgrass Uncle Sam and You

Optional Materials: (Provided by student)

Notebook or 3-ring binder with dividers and loose-leaf paper

Prerequisite:  None

Homework:  Approximately 1 hour per week