WEST/NCU PSEO Adjunct Professor Biographies

Jan Sands

College Algebra I - Math 125 - 3 credits

Practical Math - Math 115 - 3 credits

Jan hold a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in elementary education. Her bachelor’s degree includes a concentration in math. Jan has been tutoring and teaching students in math, algebra, and geometry for over twenty years.

Parents of her students have told her that their child’s opinion of math has changed from least favorite subject to at least tolerable, and in some cases even enjoyable. Parents have also reported improvement in their relationship with their child once math was eliminated as a cause of conflict between them.

Jan is an adjunct professor North Central University, Minneapolis, MN


Karen Heuer

Introduction to American Government - GOVT 224.T01 - 3 credits

Public Speaking - COMM 220 - 2 credits

Karen graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1984 with a B.A. in International Relations, and a desire to go on to Law School. To get experience in the field she worked at a law firm in Minneapolis for several years both prior to and during law school. She was at the firm of Zimmerman, Caplan and Reed, first as a receptionist, then legal secretary, and finally as a law clerk. She continued with this firm for a time as a law student until the opportunity to work as a law clerk supporting an in-house litigator became available at Control Data Corporation, in Bloomington, Minnesota. Wishing to become a litigator herself, representing clients in the courtroom, she seized this opportunity and continued at Control Data throughout law school. Karen graduated from William Mitchell College of law in 1989. She was immediately hired by Control Data Corporation as an attorney and began litigating cases for the company all around the United States. Karen was married in 1990 and began working for a new corporation, National Computer Systems, in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. At NCS, Karen still litigated cases, and also began working in the area of employment law and patent law.

Karen and her husband Dean had two kids and Karen continued to work for NCS. However in 1999, upon having their third child, the Heuers decided to make a change and began home schooling. The Heuers have been doing this ever since. They have graduated two children from their home school, both of whom are now in college. Their third child is still being schooled at home and is in 9th grade.

Karen is looking forward to teaching American Government because it fits with her interests, skills and background. She studied government both in her undergraduate program and, of course, in law school and has continued to learn during her home school career. She believes strongly in providing a clear understanding of our government--its founding, growth and current state; its structure and operations-- in order to provide students with the basis to participate meaningfully in our government.


Jack Mackinnon

General Psychology - PSYC 125 - 3 credits

Jack Mackinnon received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Hope College in 2004 in Education (Political Science and History) and went on to earn a Masters of Education degree from Harvard University in 2013 (Human Development and Psychology).

Following the completion of his undergraduate work, Jack Mackinnon completed his student teaching qualifications and then taught History, Government, Political Philosophy, and Bible at middle and high schools in New York City, Western Michigan, and the Twin Cities. In addition to teaching courses in these subject areas, Jack also developed and evaluated curriculum for a range of different school types, including: Classical, Public, Charter, and Home schools.

After witnessing the holistic needs of students in his classrooms, Jack became interested in learning how to support students psychologically and socially, in addition to academically. This interest led to positions developing and facilitating mentoring programs in the Twin Cities. These programs have included over 300 mentors and students. After taking a year to study Adolescent Development and Psychology at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Jack began his current position as the Youth Development Director for an exciting upstart mentoring organization named One2One in the Twin Cities.

In addition to his academic and career pursuits, Jack also enjoys walks with his wife around Cedar Lake, repairing his own clothing by learning how to sew, and blogging about European travel and history. 


Craig Case

Western Civilization I - HIST 220 - 3 credits


Doctorate of Ministry in Culture & Theology Bethel Seminary, Begin June, 2014


M.A., Christian Thought Bethel Seminary, Graduation May 2014

Senior Project:  How Narratives Form & Stimulate Spiritual Formation


M. Div., Theology Bethel Seminary, May 2000

Senior Thesis:  Theological Statement of Faith


B.A., English Literature University of Minnesota, June 1992

English Honors Program



Adjunct Faculty, Crown College, 2003-2006

Taught the following classes regularly: Christian Theology, Apologetics, & Culture & Evangelism


Adjunct Faculty, Bethel University, 2006-Present 

Teach:  Reading & Responding to the Arts, Introduction to Writing, Academic Research & Writing, Introduction to Spirituality, Leadership in Ministry, Academic Research & Writing in Christian Theology, Understanding Worldview, Western Civilization

                                                                                                                                               Adjunct Faculty, North Central University, 2013-Present

Teach:  Rhetoric & Writing



Bethel University Academic Affairs Committee, 2010-2013

Bethel University CAPS Chapel Committee, 2010-2013

Bethel University CAPS Program Directors Committee, 2012-2013



Phi Kappa Phi, University of Minnesota, 1992

Golden Key National Honors Society, University of Minnesota, 1991



Reading, traveling, films, golf, running, Twins baseball, Golden Gopher football


Victoria Pyron

Rhetoric & Research (College Writing) - ENG 124 - 3 credits

Victoria believes in helping students discover hidden potential in themselves and in giving them the support and encouragement necessary to develop a strong voice, in both speaking and writing. 

She believes that a deep understanding of rhetoric-- and how people use it in our society-- is necessary to effectively interpret the many, differing messages thrown at young students today, that they may not be easily persuaded. Her goal is that each student leaves Rhetoric having a voice of his or her own, being aware of the power of language, and being able to engage in meaningful dialogue about what he or she believes is true, right, and beautiful, without being easily swayed. 

Victoria received her BA in English Literature and English Writing from North Central University, and she was given a full-time fellowship for her Master of Arts in English Literature at St. Thomas University.

When she grows up, she wants to be a few too many "-ist"s (theorist, philologist, linguist, psychologist, etc.), and a few too many "-er"s (writer, thinker, teacher, speaker, etc.), but right now she is focusing on learning to be an authentically deep Christian, wife, and friend.


Heather Kipp

College Algebra II & Trigonometry - MATH 250 - 3 credits

Calculus I - MATH 280 - 4 credits

Heather Kipp graduated with a B.S. from Northwestern College in Roseville, MN, majoring in Mathematics Education and Bible in 2000.  She is receiving her M.A. in Education from Bethel University in Arden Hills, MN with a concentration in Online Teaching. 

She has been teaching mathematics in various capacities for the past 14 years.  She has taught high school mathematics, ACT prep courses, tutored individual students, and started a tutoring ministry.  In recent years, she has been a stay-at-home mom and has been homeschooling her own children for the past four years.  She has a passion for teaching mathematics and enjoys helping students become life-long learners.  Many of her favorite tutoring experiences have been while ministering to students in the inner-city, and she is always blessed when she sees students overcome struggles and begin to thrive.

Her interests include music, reading, hiking, and gardening.  She is actively involved in her local church and at CityLifeWorks, a ministry in her North Minneapolis community.  


Dean Heuer

Dean Heuer progressed from grade school through graduate school with an inquisitive mind, two of his favorite words being "what" and "how"? He found the sciences to be the most prolific source of grist for his hungry little brain and chose to major in Biology at the University of Minnesota as a pre-dental student. He was so fascinated by the field of biological science that he gave serious thought to majoring in Biochemistry and pursuing a post-graduate degree therein but then, as he explains, the left side of his brain took over and redirected him toward what seemed a more practical course.  He graduated in 1980 and proceeded directly to dental school, receiving his D.D.S. in 1984. He practiced general dentistry until 2012, when he sold his business to begin the next phase of: "What Do You Want to be When You Grow Up?"  
That next phase currently consists of both a more intensive study of God's Word -- while continuing to teach it weekly as an adult Sunday School teacher at his church in Maple Grove -- as well as devoting much more time to his life-long love of music. He has been playing piano since he was five, and took private lessons through high school and beyond and still loves to play it as many hours as he can get away with, but has added composition and arranging to his musical endeavors.  He seeks to teach some meaningful truth from the Bible in each of his songs, and has set many Bible verses to music for use in his church's Sunday School program. He has learned many new tricks in the last couple of years, particularly in the use of musical notation software, as well as a few things about recording, but still has much to learn. He hopes and prays that God might see fit to connect him with a few like-minded and skilled musicians to do some studio work and perhaps some live performances as well. 
Dean gives thanks and praise to God for having set aside one Karen Louise Arnold from a neighboring state, both to fall in love with, and to fall in love with him. She has been an unspeakable source of support and joy in his life for nearly twenty-five years now and through her God has provided three wonderful, healthy children, two of whom are now in college and the third who is a ninth-grade homeschooler. Dean and Karen have home schooled all three children for the last nine years.
Dean looks forward to the opportunity to share his love for science, and for biology in particular, with young people who will rejoice to discover, time and again, God's glorious handiwork in His wonderfully intricate and ordered creation, for science and faith do not conflict. "Come, let us reason together!"  
Vitalia Bryn-Pundyk. M.ED./DTM
Spanish IA - MLAN 141 - 4 credits
Spanish IB - MLAN 142 - 4 credits
Vitalia is trilingual with fluency in English, Spanish, and Ukrainian. Teaching Spanish since 1988, her teaching experience includes the Osseo and Hopkins school districts in Minnesota, where she was instrumental in developing the Spanish Language Curriculum in an Elementary World Language Pilot Program for grades 3-6.

Prior to her administrative position in El Dorado, AR, she was an Assistant Professor of Spanish at Camden County College in Blackwood, NJ, where she taught beginning and intermediate language courses until June 2001.

In August 2001, she assumed her previous administrative position as District Chair of Foreign Languages - El Dorado School Dist. #15.  With District School Board approval and the permission of the Arkansas Department of Education, Vitalia designed and implemented a unique foreign language program offering high school credit for middle school students.

Vitalia’s hobbies include reading, skiing, going to the theatre, beading, and traveling but she most enjoys presenting leadership and communication workshops, as well as working with students of all ages, teaching Spanish culture and language.

She is well-versed in a variety of teaching methodologies that provide a fun and positive learning environment and believes in helping everyone maximize their potential, supporting student success!