HIgh School Homeschool Information Meetings - 2014

Our official SCCHE informational sessions on Homeschooling for High School will begin in September, 2014.  We will meet at the Family Vision Library on these dates: September 16, October 14, and November 11.  These are all Tuesdays, and all sessions will run from 10:00-11:30. You do NOT need to sign up for this; just show up with your questions.

(Note from Carita: One of my daughters is getting married in December so I do not plan to hold any classes that entire month. We will resume in January, 2015.)

Carita Crain is the SCCHE Board member in charge of Parent Education, and she will be leading these meetings.  The Crains have 6 children, now ages 19-34. They started homeschooling in 1989 and all were homeschooled through high school.  One is special needs, and the others have gone on to college.

On these dates the group sessions will focus on the Missouri law, credits, transcripts, record-keeping, and pretty much everything else you need to know to continue your homeschooling through high school. 

Please email Carita at mccrain@centurytel net IF

1)You want to attend but this time/place will not work for you. (We can probably hold other sessions at a different time/place.)

2)You have a specific question you need answered right away.

or 3)You want an individual session to look at your transcript or other high school records.


There is NO charge for either the group sessions or the individual ones.