PSEO Government Courses

Introduction to American Government - GOVT  224.T01 - 3 credits

Professor:  Karen Heuer

Prerequisite:  none

Class Type:  one semester course offered fall semester only

Course Description:  This is a course on United States government, at the Federal and State level, with some attention given to other levels of jurisdiction. Topics covered include the constitution; the federal system; political participation; the role of media (including media bias); interest groups; political parties; government structure; political ethics (or lack thereof); and policymaking. Comparison between American and other "national" government systems and American foreign policy will also be noted.

Course Objective:  This course is intended to provide a broad background to American government and politics so that students can evaluate politics critically and participate intelligently in American public life.

Required Texts: American Government, Essentials Edition
Wilson/DiIulio, Jr./Bose
576 pages| ©2015 

 Total Due:

  • All tuition and text materials costs for this course are paid to NCU by MN PSEO funding.
  • Adjunct professors are paid by NCU.
  • Fee for this 3 credit course is $15.00 ($5.00 per credit) plus a $20.00 one-time/student/semester initial administrative processing fee.
  • WEST fees will be billed online as one lump sum to the student's family upon acceptance of the student to his/her PSEO NCU courses at WEST.